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Is shoplifting bothering you? Scared to leave your vehicle in a parking lot in case it gets vandalised? You are not alone.

CCTV Security Surveillance or Closed Circuit Television can help you. These security cameras are a valuable icon for safety as well as crime prevention and can deter the criminal.

If an event should befall, CCTV cameras are an irrefutable form of evidence. The eyes-in-the-sky also reassures public confidence, and police and politicians are promoting the security cameras as the primary solution for urban dysfunction.

The Benefits of CCTV Surveillance:

  • So what are the benefits of having CCTV installation? Below is a list on the advantages CCTV can provide for your business
  • Helps reduce the fear of crime
  • Acts as a visual crime deterrent
  • Helps detect crime and provide evidential material for court proceedings
  • Helps assist with the overall management
  • Enhances Community Safety, assisting the economic well-being of the area and encourages greater use of the town centre, shopping centres and car parks etc.
  • Supports the civil proceedings

CCTV is becoming an integral part of crime control policy across the world. Here at PESS we are the Number One leading supplier of security services in the UK. We guarantee professional, reliable and supportive security solutions..