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Onsite Parking Officer


This is a dedicated service to car park owners and is often used by retail parks, supermarkets, etc where there is a maximum stay period allowed when using the facilities. This is also very the only way to enforce parking regulations in Disabled Bays and for parking outside bays in supermarkets, shopping centres and retail parks, as even if you already have an ANPR system this can not monitor bays or no parking zones.

The need for this has greatly increased where many retail parks and supermarkets with parking are now located within our town and city centres, close to train stations and other places of employment. This then results in motorists often using the free parking spaces at such sites all day while at work or commuting, therefore taking spaces for your valuable customers.

This service offers the client the opportunity to receive compensation payments from the offending vehicles at the rate of 50% of the Parking Charge Notice value (which is dictated by yourself, usually £60.00) this also will help pay towards the cost of car park maintenance and make the whole service self financing.

The use of a dedicated Car Park Officer to issue Parking Tickets is much more socially acceptable method of parking control, rather than wheel clamping and, because of high visibility of the Parking Officer and the issuing of Parking Tickets, it is most successful.

This service is tailored to the individual needs of the car park, and the requirements of the site owner, some of the schemes we offer control of are:

  • Maximum Stay
  • Disabled Badge Holders Only
  • Loading / Unloading Only
  • No Parking
  • Pay & Display
  • Permit Holders Only

We will arrange for an Area Manager to visit and discuss your requirements so to provide advice in controlling the area.

We will require a Contract agreeing to the number of hours per day you wish to have a Parking Officer on site, for which there is an hourly charge, dependant upon location, site size and number of hours.

This often means that the whole scheme is not only self-financing, but generates revenue to help site maintenance, etc.

We then arrange for signage to be manufactured and installed throughout the parking area informing motorists of the terms and conditions of parking.

Once signage is in place, upon your confirmation, we shall have our fully uniformed Parking Officer commence patrols and to issue Parking Charge Notices to any offending vehicles.

The offending vehicle has 14 days to pay a Charge of £60.00.

In the event that the offender does not make payment within 28 days, our legal department shall undertake, at no expense to you, for the collection of the parking charge, whereby we may request the registered keeper's details from the DVLA.

We must add that, due to the high visibility of our Parking Officer and Parking Tickets being placed on offending vehicles, car park users can see that there is enforcement and car park management in place, therefore resulting in reducing the parking problems quickly and efficiently.